USA Trip 2016 New York City, Boston, Harvard University

Reupload: 3.2. 2019

After 3 years I finally found some time to make a video about my first trip to the USA from August to September 2016. It was the dream of my life that just became real. It is an unforgettable and unique experience to me. I still remember the moment when I walked up the stairs at 42nd street metro and I saw all those lights, the noise, the smell, the people and I still thought that this is just a dream. I was really so shocked at that moment when I exited the subway and entered the street that I was paralyzed and could not believe that this is actually true, that this is not a dream and that I am really 4 000 kilometres away from home alone completely on my own in the world that I just always dreamed of, saw on TV, but could not believe that all those places and pictures I saw at home were now actually real, that I was really there and it was happening right now. It is like having a very realistic dream and you wake up, you are still thinking about that dream and you think that you are out of reality and having illusions, but those are not illusions, not once you realise that this is actually reality and that you really are in New York City.

I still remember when I went on my first ride on 7 line (violet color) and then I walked all around Manhattan and in the evening when I got back to Queens I could not feel my feet. I was totally exhausted, but it was so worth it that I would and will do it all over again.