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VLOG#28 New York x Boston Trip🛫🌇🗽🛬

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【Vlog纽约直升机】One day trip in Manhattan Newyork ,take the helicopter.纽约曼哈顿旅行vlog,乘坐直升机体验。

Booking links:https://heliny.com Day time address:Downtown Manhattan Heliport, Pier 6 East River New York, NY 10004 Price(one seat): In Day Time :Mon. to Sat.: 9am-5:30pm 12-15 Minutes for 239 dollar 17-20 Minutes for 284 dollar 25-30 Minutes for 369 dollar In Night Address:Linden Airport in Linden, NJ for a 25-30 minute trip around Manhattan Fri., Sat. & Mon.: 7pm-10pm, Sun: 1pm-10pm […]

Trip to New York, Volt Toys Review Video For Kids

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