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【Vlog】New York City 紐約五天四夜!

假期時跑去紐約NYC溜搭了一下~紐約絕對是我人生到目前為止最喜歡的城市!一回來就想念的那種程度QQ Took a trip to New York City during fall break. NYC is absolutely my favorite city I’ve ever been to 🙂 The 3 best things to do in NYC 紐約一定要做的三件事情!: 1. Sleep no more 看劇!這齣劇是在演莎士比亞的馬克白但是跳脫了傳統坐在位子上看劇的模式! 我喜歡到願意錄一整集閒聊跟大家講攻略! 2. Joe’s Pizza 10/10 haha 3. Luke’s Lobster/ Shake shack peanut butter bacon burger/ Sample sale LOL

Sam Heughan Ends His Quick Trip to New York City with ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance – Watch Now!

You can read the full article from here –: http://destyy.com/wXQQAO Sam Heughan looks so handsome while making an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night (November 5) in New York City.On the show, the Outlander star talked about the fourth season of the show, watching the New York City marathon while lying in bed, and more! […]

VLOG#28 New York x Boston Trip🛫🌇🗽🛬

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【Vlog纽约直升机】One day trip in Manhattan Newyork ,take the helicopter.纽约曼哈顿旅行vlog,乘坐直升机体验。

Booking links:https://heliny.com Day time address:Downtown Manhattan Heliport, Pier 6 East River New York, NY 10004 Price(one seat): In Day Time :Mon. to Sat.: 9am-5:30pm 12-15 Minutes for 239 dollar 17-20 Minutes for 284 dollar 25-30 Minutes for 369 dollar In Night Address:Linden Airport in Linden, NJ for a 25-30 minute trip around Manhattan Fri., Sat. & Mon.: 7pm-10pm, Sun: 1pm-10pm […]