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NEW YORK CITY | Travel Video | @BigSamSnaps

NYC is now officially one of my favourite cities! There’s literally endless amounts to do over there and activities to cater to each person. One thing I would note is to SAVE as much money before heading out – NYC is definitely one of the most expensive cities I’ve ever visited. Two personal highlights included the boat/bike rides in Central […]

Travel Vlog | New York 2019

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell” – Paula Bendfeldt We spent 6 days in New York- strolling around and enjoying every scenery it has to offer. We had the best time ever and we were grateful to be able to visit the city. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to record our whole […]

Helicopter ride over New York 🗽🚁| FlyNYON experience Doors Off over Manhattan 2019

One more bucket item is done ✅ I’ve always been dreaming to ride a helicopter! But THIS experience was way more amazing, because we did it in New York City. Manhattan from above.. this was an unforgettable experience. Big thanks to the company FlyNYON! LINK TO THE FULL VIDEO ABOUT OUR TRIP TO NEW YORK: https://youtu.be/o8OPnPFhWys MY MAIN CHANNEL IN […]

New York City Top 10 Sightseeings

A top 10 for New York comes in handy when preparing your city trip. So much to do, so little time! To help you on your way, you’ll find the top 10 best attractions in New York here in the video For more information check our website : https://www.dreamtravel2america.com Music in video: Take It Easy — MBB [Vlog No Copyright […]

New York Road Trip Part 4 | Statue of Liberty | Over 40 First Time Mom

New York Road Trip Part 4 | Statue of Liberty | Over 40 First Time Mom #Family #StatueOfLiberty #NYC Welcome to my channel! Our family went to the Statue of Liberty to end our trip to New York. It was a tiring drive home, but we made it through. We stopped in Knoxville so that Michael could meet with clients […]