My New York Trip 3/7/18-3/12/18

Small video of the time I spent in New York. I really meant to record more there but i was just so awestruck and busy with all the stuff we were doing I forgot to record :/ Make sure to go check out Noah for being awesome and nitpicking every little detail in the video like I asked. Follow my […]

President Reagan’s Trip to New York City on September 22, 1986

Full Title: Trip to New York. President Reagan Arrives at Newark Airport and Boards Marine One, President Reagan Arrives at Battery Park Landing Zone, President Reagan’s Limousine Motorcade to United States Mission to The United Nations. (U.S. Secret Service Behind), President Reagan’s Photo Opportunity with Foreign Ministers of Allied Countries at The United States Mission at The United Nations, President […]

Your Trip To Egypt Begins With Tithing

Your Trip To Egypt Begins With Tithing (17 Oct. 2018) Mail Gifts To: ATLAH Church 38 West 123rd Street ATLAH, New York 10027 Trust In The Lord Hour ~ Give Your Gifts At: “ATLAH: THAT’S WHAT GOD SAID.”

How to Plan your New York Trip for Cheap! – Joshlyn Videos

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My Trip To New York City!

In this video, I will be talking to you and showing you clips of my day in New York City. Connect with me! Instagram:Caradimplesyt Facebook:Cara Dimples Snapchat:Carar633 Twitter:@cr8688 Business Xoxo Cara