New York Travel Log – Lofi Jazz Hiphop/Asian Trap (Ben Sherman)

Hello everyone! Thank you for watching my video! I did not have time this week to make a fingerstyle guitar cover because I was out of town visiting New York City. 🍕 I decided to make this video to show a bit of my traveling experience as well as show you some tracks that I have been working on! 🎶

I only recorded the video on my phone (mainly while in transit) so the quality isn’t that great, but I think it at least ended up as some nice B-roll for the music. While I was finishing the editing on this video, I realized that the way I pieced together the clips as well as the timing of the audio and video kind of make it look like I went to New York just to get some pizza… 🍕

As for the music in the video, I made all three of the tracks in GarageBand in the past few days. I enjoy making tracks in GarageBand and I find the lofi hiphop genre to be quite easy to make due to the chill background kind of vibes it gives off. Comment below which of the three tracks is your favorite!

The first track in the video is just a basic lofi track with a lot of jazzy elements in it. There is an earlier iteration of the track that I made which is less lofi and more of a chill jazzy track which I might post on this channel at some point.

I have been listening to a lot of pieces on the guqin (and erhu) recently and when I saw GarageBand added the guzheng (which is a similar instrument to the guqin) I knew I wanted to make a Chinese inspired lofi/trap track. The second track is just that and the melody (and some of the harmony) comes from the song Pipa Language which I discovered from a kalimba cover on April Yang’s channel. Ironically, even though there is a pipa sound pack, I did not use that instrument in this track.

The third track I started before my trip and it was another lofi hip hop track heavily based around the Hirajōshi scale using the Japanese instrument the koto as the main sound. After I returned from my trip and revisited the track, I overhauled it and gave it a more bass heavy trap vibe along with adding the ehru for part of the melody and I still used some of my original ideas for the b section of the track.

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Video – LG Q7+
Music – GarageBand

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