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How To Apply For USA Non-Immigrant Visa b1/b2 and Fill DS160 US VisaForm UPDATED 2019 BY ABHISHEK

in this video, Abhishek Sharma has shown how to fill updated ds160 USA non-immigrant visa application and apply for b1/b2 visa to travel to united states of America. Also by watching the video, you will know how to take usa visa appointment for biometrics and for US CONSULATE. FILL USA VISA FORM: BOOK APPOINTMENT FOR US VISA: WATCH […]

My First SOLO Trip To New York City, I Stayed In A Pimp House❗️

My first in life tends to be memorable. I’m vividly sharing my first solo trip to New York City, lessons learned on this trip, and how I stayed in a pimp house. As Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five raps, you might get fooled if you come from out of town and I wasn’t down by law so I didn’t […]