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Trip to NYC 2018

New York City 12th-14th July 2018 Me, Markus and my mum visited NYC for a weekend outing. We flew with Air Canada A320-200 Toronto to New York-La Guardia and return flight Porter Bombardier Q400 New York-Newark to Toronto Billy-Bishop/City Airport I hope you enjoy this video. We took the Tour bus, rode the subway train and went shopping!!! 🙂 BTW: […]

My New York Trip 3/7/18-3/12/18

Small video of the time I spent in New York. I really meant to record more there but i was just so awestruck and busy with all the stuff we were doing I forgot to record :/ Make sure to go check out Noah for being awesome and nitpicking every little detail in the video like I asked. Follow my […]

How to Plan your New York Trip for Cheap! – Joshlyn Videos

Hi Guys! My Name is Joshlyn and this is my YouTube Channel! Few basics about me: ι тravəl✈️ ι’м a pнoтograpнər📷 ι’м a gιngər🍀 ι’м мəхιcan🇲🇽 [vəracrυz] I’m super random🤪 & I love making people laugh. 😂 I hope you guys enjoy my videos, please subscribe, like, comment! Thank you! Instagram: @joshlynphotography