Naura Yasmine – Our NewYork Family Trip

Summer time.. some days were cloudy, wet and cold.. some were sunny and scorching hot ☀️
New York has always been my favourite place, it is even more now, as we have created loads of beautiful memories during this trip. We keep some in our heart and some in this video and these pictures , and we are keeping them here for our memories sake ❤️

Took us more than 30 hours to reach New York because of a long delay.. and about 20 hours back to Singapore. Definitely not an easy journey with an infant and two kids to have that super long flight, but we managed to enjoy it, especially with the upgrade experience ❤️

Despite all of those hassles, exhaustion, tiredness, we really had a wonderful time, had great memories, had new experiences exploring new places, had so much fun.. TOTALLY ❤️ Alhamdulilah Tabarakallah ❤️