Author: Hailey May

Vlog #2; Road Trip

In this video, you will see 2 out of the 6 compas and the twins. we take a road trip to New york ~~~ Hello! Welcome to our channel This channel consists of individuals trying to make life a little more interesting. this should not be taken seriously since we are all doing this for fun and giggles. if you […]

Поездка в Нью-Йорк | Trip to New-York

Наше путешествие по Америке началось с Нью-Йорка.. Очень интересный и своеобразный город! – бумажные пакеты с прозрачными окошками, гибкую упаковку с флексопечатью производит ООО Минтар.


DAY TRIP TO NEW YORK | LIFESTYLE THURSDAY / Ashley goes to new york for some fun with the family! 🤩🗽 In this Lifestyle Thursday video, Ashley vlogs during her day trip to new york with the family! Want to have your hair poppin? Visit our website for our affordable human hair bundles and hair care products! 💁🏾‍♀️😍 Let’s […]

Best of Richard Ayoade & Katherine Ryan’s 48hrs in New York | Travel Man

Richard and comedian Katherine Ryan take a fast and funny trip to New York. Their overflowing schedule includes skyscrapers, rollerblades, museums, ferries, showtunes and cronuts. Watch the highlights here and for the full show – #TravelMan #KatherineRyan #NewYork The official destination (see what we did there) for all things Travel Man, where Richard Ayoade takes a ruthless approach to […]